When I opened the kiln yesterday, it was to mixed results.  All the bisque (that is clay that has been fired once but has no glaze on it yet) came out really well (which is the hopeful moment that leads to glaze disappointments later).  The glazes were good, wonderful, oops, and well…wonder what caused that…..

Carry on, is the only alternative to give up.  I am incapable of give up, so that only leaves carry on!  Tomorrow is another day!

Today, Saturday, I got to go to Keller to teach a class at Main and Vine.  Even though only one person (Hi, Fran!) signed up, I love doing the classes, so one willing student is enough to keep me in the game.  Lisa Davis, the gallery owner, is really nice.  It is always a joy to be in her space.  (

After class, I went on into Fort Worth to the Picasso and Braque early cubism show.  I love both artists, and like cubism. Somehow, it was not a fantastic art experience.  However, the permanent collection is always worth the time. I am really looking forward to the new space they are currently building.  Of course, the severe editing of the Kimbell’s showings which are necessitated by their small space, is one of the things that makes it such a special museum.  Hummmmmm.  Will just have to wait and see.




This morning, I went out to the clay studio and did a bunch of glazing.  So, the kiln is now firing.  It is always hard for me to wait until the kiln is cool enough to open and see how things turned out. If the kiln is opened while the things in it are still too hot, they often crack, bubble, pit, or otherwise make a mess of the finish and ruin themselves.  (I hope you notice how I distanced myself from responsibility on that one.) Still, it is difficult to wait!  You see, the thing about glaze is that it is ever the deceiver!  Often, the chip presented by the seller of glazes has little or nothing to do with what the finished product will be like.  There are many, many reasons for this.  Some are scientific.  Some are just the wonders of being a potter!  So, I build things, fire them to bisque, put glaze on them with every hope of their emerging in breathtaking beauty, and then fire them again.  wait.  wait.  wait.  Look in the kiln – and sometimes dance with joy.  Sometimes, not so much.  So, it is all about the waiting.  I’ll talk about the outcome when I can.

We Begin

Thanks to friends, primarily Cory Hoffman, I believe that I am now typing the opening statement of my newly revised and relaunched webpage.

It is a learn as I go process, so, expect random weird glitches.  I do.  When we discussed what I wanted the page to be, I told him I wanted it to be as much like me just handing you photos of work I have done, am in the process of doing, etc., and you patiently listening to my comments about each work.  The really wonderful part about a web page is that you can look and read only the parts you actually want to expose yourself to!  There is also a comment thing at the bottom so you can ask questions(about the work or just random thing you wonder about.  Of course, I may or may not answer your more random ones.  That would be too weird.), express opinions, etc…..

As soon as I figure it out, expect photos on this page, too.  For right now, I am really just seeing if I remember how to put something in.